How to choose a gift for a loved one in hospital

How to choose a gift for a loved one in hospital

To choose a gift for a loved one in hospital, you need to consider many things. A thoughtful gift is a practical gift – a person in hospital won’t have their own vase so would you buy them a bunch of flowers? Or would you buy them flowers in a box or that come with a vase? When choosing chocolates, remember their individual tastes. Chocolates come in such a variety of sizes, boxed, blocks, or individually wrapped – its also important to consider where you are sending the chocolates. When you choose a gift of sleepwear it should be what is comfortable for them to wear. A Care Pack meets the needs of patients who have come into hospital without a ready packed bag.

Care Pack

A care pack is a practical and meaningful way for you to choose a gift that supports your loved one. By giving them a care pack, you are bringing in a touch of home and familiarity to an environment which is otherwise unfamiliar. Your Care Pack should have a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant and perhaps a hairbrush or comb. You could also add some pampering items such as lip balm, hand cream and moisturiser.


Sleepwear is highly personal but consideration should be made for practicality. The clothing should be comfortable, modest,  loose fitting and age appropriate. Perhaps you should consider if one item would be enough for their length of stay.


Chocolates can be a popular choice for people who choose a gift for their loved one while they are in hospital. You should consider if your loved one is the type of person who loves to share. If so, individually wrapped chocolates would be a better option to prevent spreading germs. A box of chocolates are beautifully presented and they are kept within their own container.


The biggest consideration in sending flowers to your loved one in hospital is where they are going to be kept. Heavily scented flowers are a big NO NO in a hospital environment so choose wisely. Your flowers also need to be kept in a Vase,box or container so when you choose a gift make sure it includes one of these.

When you choose a gift, take a moment to consider what would be the most  practical and meaningful hospital gift for your loved one. If you want more information or  you have any questions visit the website or send me an email at